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Do you know my Flores ?

Over the years I began to like flowers and despite not being a very good gardener, I put a lot of love and affection on my plants.

One day in the plants nursery I found some seeds that caught my attention, it said "Enchanted Daisies" What a striking name!

There were no more envelopes of seeds in the store, when I went to pay for them they told me that they don't sell these seeds, someone would leave them.

But there was no one else in the store, so I took them home and planted them.
As soon as you put water on them, a lot of daisies started to come out !!

Among them came a little creature round and naked!

When it touched one of the daisies, some tiny clothes appeared, when it put them on it became invisible and I never saw it again.

But I know it's still around the house, because daisies appear in places where they don't usually grow.
How many more will there be like them?

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